Friday, September 12, 2014

Unstoppable by Melody Grace

Unstoppable (Beachwood Bay, #5)

3.5 Stars 
I want to start off by thanking Melody Grace for giving me the opportunity to read Unstoppable early.  The Beachwood Bay series is one of my favorite series. I adore all the characters and love that I am able to go along with them on their journey to find love.

Unstoppable follows Ryland James and Tegan Callahan; this would be book 2 in The Callahan’s direction of the Beachwood Bay series. Ryland or Ray Jay as some might remember him as from Unbroken, is the estrange brother of Emerson (Unbroken) and Brit (Unafraid). He returns home to Beachwood Bay after being gone for many years hoping he can leave his past behind and start a new life for himself.  I felt that Ryland’s story in Unstoppable kind of made the story of the James family come full circle and complete, which made me happy.

Tegan Callahan is the baby and the only girl of the Callahan siblings. After a going through the past year in a pretty dark place, Tegan is ready for something new and that new doesn’t include anymore bad boys.  Leaving LA and her past that keeps haunting her, Tegan sets out on her own to Beachwood Bay to find that new start.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.  Tegan and Ryland never thought they would see again the stranger that they shared a mind blowing kiss with in Vegas that is until their paths cross again in Beachwood Bay. Tegan and Ryland share more than just their uncontrollable desire for each other, their past is a lot more similar than they can imagine. 

I liked Unstoppable, but for me it felt like it was lacking some of the magic the other books in the series had.  The reason I gave it only 3.5 stars is because the ending felt too rushed and very abrupt.  The entire story also seemed to be a little rushed, never giving the time for the characters to fully develop.  The instant attraction and need for each other seemed to be fast and repetitive since it kept being brought up.  These are just my issues and mine alone, this is still a very good story and perfect for someone looking for a fast paced read about second chances that also has some really good heat!   I still love this series and can’t wait for Unexpectedly Yours.

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