Thursday, September 4, 2014

One More Chance by Abbi Glines

One More Chance by Abbi Glines

One More Chance (Chance, #2)

5 Stars!!!!

My favorite Abbi Glines did it again, she made me fall in love with yet another of her books. I really loved One More Chance.  I went through a wide range of emotions while reading it.  I was annoyed, sad, happy, worried and excited throughout the book.  It even brought me to tears at times.  I love books that can make me feel so much and One More Chance did that.

*Warning* If you haven’t read Take A Chance then this review may spoil parts of the book for you.

When I started the Rosemary Beach series Grants book was one I was really looking forward to.  In Take A Chance I was disappointed in Grant.  His man-whore ways, and his reaction to Harlow’s secret were not what I accepted out of him.  I understand he was scared of losing someone he loves, especially after losing Jace, but I just thought he would be stronger than that.  Well, he redeemed himself in One More Chance.  After Harlow left him after his bad reaction to her secret, he called every day and he looked everywhere for her but couldn’t find her. He was desperate to get her back.  Once he finally got Harlow back, he became the man I thought Grant really was.  Even though he was scared out of his mind because of events I won’t say, he stayed by Harlow’s side and took every step with her no matter what he felt or what others thought around them.

I’ve always liked Harlow ever since she was introduced in the series.  She is quiet, shy and kept to herself never waiting to be part of her rock star fathers life style.  When she meets Grant he sweeps her off her feet, he introduces her to love and intimacy two things she never knew before.  Their relationship hits a few bumps in Take A Chance and Harlow ends up running away from Grant.  She hides out with her half-brother Mase where no one can find her, not even Grant.  I never thought Harlow was weak or a pushover, she just minded her own business and kept to herself, but when she is faced with a life threatening choice Harlow become strong and a fighter.  She stepped up and put her foot down and wouldn’t let anyone change her mind or her decision. 

Harlow and Grant didn’t have it easy in this book, but they stuck together and faced their fears and challenges together. That's one of the things I loved most about One More Chance, they stayed together and work as a team. 

The wait for You Were Mine Tripp and Bethy’s book is going to be hard.  I feel like Bethy’s story has been building and building throughout this series and its time for her to get her turn.  I really can’t wait for it!

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