Sunday, August 10, 2014

Broken By Lauran Layne

5++++ Stars!!!!

I absolutely loved Broken!! I was hooked from the moment I picked it up; I couldn’t put it down so I read it in a day. Lauren Layne’s writing and storytelling keep getting better and better with each new book she puts out. I’ve read all her books so far and for me Broken is by far the best. Lauren Layne is defiantly one of my favorite authors and I won’t ever wait to read her books.

Broken is the story of Olivia Middleton and Paul Langdon. The story is a great retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Olivia is the beautiful Upper East Side girl and Paul is the damaged, angry recluse. Olivia wants to get as far away as she can from her New York life and her biggest mistake. Relocating to Maine to help an injured vet, Olivia hopes that helping might be the start she needs to right her wrongs. What she wasn’t expecting to find is an angry man, around her age that she is completely drawn to.

Paul Langdon doesn’t think of himself as the good looking hometown football hero anymore, but a disgusting man inside and out. Returning home from Afghanistan a completely changed man, Paul no longer wants to be around anyone, he would rather stay in his fathers secluded home drunk and alone. His father has sent many caretakers to try and help Paul out of his downward spiral, but he has become good at chasing them away. That’s until a beautiful blonde shows up and turns Paul’s life upside down. Olivia awakes feelings and desires in Paul that he thought he would never feel again.

Olivia and Paul butt heads at first, Paul doesn't want to let her in and Olivia isn't letting him scare her off. Olivia slowly chips away at Paul’s defenses and starts to get a look at the real man under all the brooding and temper tantrums and what she finds is a man she could really fall for. That is if they are able to move on from their past and start looking toward their future.

Olivia and Paul had a fiery chemistry from the beginning and things just kept getting hotter and hotter between them. Even though Paul was a jerk and mean a lot of the time, I still couldn’t help falling for him. He was so broken and lost, I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and make everything better. I really connected with Broken and still can’t stop thinking about the characters and the story, Broken is going to be one of those stories’ that will stick with me. This was a great story to get wrapped up in and I felt like it could be read as a stand-alone too.


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