Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Decker's Wood

Decker's Wood (Porn Stars of Romance, #1)

Decker's Wood by Kirsty Dallas

Released on: June 8th 2014

3 Stars

Decker Steele is one of the biggest stars in the porn industry. He’s been involved in porn for years and has a rep for being quite the pleaser. That's until his "equipment" no longer wants to rise to the occasion. Unable to get it up without the help from a little blue pill, Decker tries to hide his problem by directing porn instead. He never thought the one thing that would fix his little big problem would be Andi Jennings, his best friend’s country bumpkin cousin. Last time he saw her, she was an awkward teenager, but she’s all grown up now.

Andi Jennings is following her dream of opening her very own used bookstore, so she is packing up her Texas home and moving to New York City. What she wasn’t looking forward to was the person waiting to pick her up from the airport, Decker Steele. Her childhood crush, man-whore and all around jerk from what she remembers from growing up.

What neither of them expected was an unlikely friendship between a country girl and a porn star to develop into more. Decker can’t keep his eyes off Andi in her cute little sun dresses and cowboy boots and Andi can’t help but start to fall for this mature version of Decker. But its Decker’s job that might keep them apart.

I liked Decker’s Wood. It was funny and cute, but at times that funny and cute crossed over into cheesy. The book did make me chuckle, especially when Decker shows Andi his "helicopter". Decker’s Wood was a fun, fast and easy read. A good book if you are in the mood for something that will make you laugh and swoon page after page.


  1. A porn star?! Eeeek! Sounds like it didn't factor in too much. Sorry to hear this was a little over the top cheesy, though. Great review, Bethany!

    Also, congrats on your new blog!! Yay!! :)

    1. Thanks, Racheal! There are still so many little things I'm still trying to learn for the blog.

      As for Decker and his porn star status, it was a big part of the book but they pretty much made a joke of it most of the time.