Sunday, August 17, 2014


This Sunday I’m reviewing the Fireside series by Morgan Black.  This is a fun, fast, sexy read. Plus, the cover is really really hot!!!!!!

Book 1: Ablaze
Ablaze (Fireside, #1)

Ablaze was a hot little number! Ablaze is book one in a new series by Morgan Black, called Fireside. For being a very fast read, it got my attention and made me disappointed it was over because I wanted more.

Cheyenne is the daughter of a very rich rancher. She’s made plans to spend the weekend at her family’s cabin with the man her father wants her to marry. To get to the cabin, Cheyenne has to be escorted by new ranch hand, Luke. Cheyenne has had a little thing for Luke ever since he started working on the ranch. Knowing nothing can happen between them Cheyenne has kept her distance. Luke and Cheyenne arrive at the cabin before a strong snow hits, but by the time Luke goes to leave the storm has already hit and he’s going to have to stay. This is where things start to heat up!!!! ;)

For being pretty short, I really enjoyed Ablaze. It’s the perfect book to read on those cold winter nights.

Book 2: Flames
Flames (Fireside, #2)

Flames picks up right where Ablaze leaves off, the morning after Cheyenne and Luke’s night of passion. In the morning light, Cheyenne comes to realize that Luke is the man she has always dreamed of. To be together they will need to face a few people standing in their way, Collin, her boyfriend and Cheyenne’s standoffish father that is also Luke’s boss.

Flames is just as short and fast as Ablaze, with one very steamy barn scene!!

Book 3: Simmer
Simmer (Fireside #3)

Simmer is the last book in the Fireside series.  Simmer is just as fast and short as Ablaze and Flame. In Simmer Cheyenne and Luke face one big challenge if they want to be together, her father. Cheyenne’s father doesn’t believe in love, he believes in business and he thinks Cheyenne needs to marry a man that will benefit the Ranch.  Make a marriage a business deal. Cheyenne doesn’t want that, she wants to marry for love and the man she loves is Luke.

Simmer was good, but wrapped up too fast for my liking.  I felt the story was just getting started and then it was over, but that’s what you get with a 42 page book.  The Fireside series is good for anyone looking for a fast weekend read with some good steam.

You can also purchase all three books in one set.
 Fireside Bundle by Morgan Black

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