Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prima Donna

Prima Donna
Published Date: 9/23/14
Pages: 316

4 Stars
I really enjoyed Prima Donna.  It was a sweet love story with a lot of heart.  This is the second book by Laura Drewry that I’ve read and I am now definitely a fan of her writing.  Prima Donna is a companion novel to Plain Jayne, which was also just as good.  What I really like about Laura’s stories is that there isn’t any over the top drama and the relationships/romance builds slowly.  No instant love, but they actually get to know each other and become friends too along the way.  I’m not trying to say this book was boring because it wasn’t at all.  It held my attention the whole time and kept me wanting to read more.

Prima Donna is about Regan Burke and Carter Scott.  We first meet both in Plain Jayne, Regan is Jayne’s good friend and Carter is friend/cousin to Jayne and Nick.  I really like Regan; she was strong, independent and a little stubborn.  She never had an easy life, dealing with a mother that was never the kind of mother she should have been.  Regan has worked hard to run her own beauty salon, but when her landlord decides to sell the building her salon is in, Regan is forced to close up shop.  Now facing not being able to pay her bills and her mother’s medical expenses, Regan not sure what she is going to do.

Pediatrician Doctor Carter Scott is a playboy.  He goes from one girl to the next, never wanting to put down roots, either with a girl or in his job.  I loved Carter from the start, he was funny, sweet, and I melted whenever he interacted with the children in the hospital.  Plus, he rides a motorcycle, what more could a girl want!

Carter and Regan have met a few times, but sparks fly on New Year’s Eve.  What was supposed to be only a one-time thing turns into a great friendship.  Carter and Regan, who both hold all their secrets close and don’t let anyone in, finally found someone they can really open up too and share those secrets within each other.   Carter and Regan try to fight their feelings for each other, but that can only last so long.

I recommend Prima Donna to anyone who likes a sweet romance with substance.  Prima Donna can be read as a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading Plain Jayne first because Jayne and Nick show up a lot in Prima Donna. And for those who are Star Wars fans there are some very funny references to the movies, plus each chapter starts with a quote from Han Solo.


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