Sunday, August 10, 2014

About Me

Hi! I'm Bethany and this is my first blog. So it might be a little rough for a while, but I'm still working on it. Let me tell you a few things about myself. I'm a huge book lover, if I could spend my day reading I would be a happy girl. My favorite place to read is in my bed, hence my blog name. My favorite reading companions are my two cats Mallow and Boo.


I read a lot of different genres of books like young adult, romance, new adult, paranormal, and erotica. Some of my favorite authors are Abbi Glines, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Melody Grace, Sawyer Bennett and many more.
When I'm not reading I'm usually spending time with friends, cooking, trying out new craft projects or just watching TV. I'm really looking forward to sharing my love of books with many people.  :)

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