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The Truth About Faking

My guest blogger today is my good friend Allie Hoang. Thanks Allie for sharing your thoughts and feelings on The Truth About Faking.  Here's a little bit about Allie from Allie.

I’m Allie Hoang and enjoy reading very much.  I am currently living in Iowa and love being out in the country.  I love the outdoors, it helps clear my mind to be out of the middle of nowhere and getting lost in a great book.  I enjoy reading  young adult, romance, and new adult genres.  When I am not reading I am either cooking, spending time with my family, or enjoying the outdoors with my 4 year old Rottweiler Shyla J 

The Truth About Faking (The Truth, #1)
The Truth About Faking by Leigh Talbert Moore

4 Stars

"Ok. Well, you see Jason..."
Why is this so hard?
"I'm afraid things are changing between us. And that wasn't part of the deal. Remember?"
"So what do you want to do about it?
"I don't know," I say, rubbing my forehead.

Harley, is the Pastor's daughter. Harley is a sweet girl, the girl that can not make up her mind when she meets Jason. She isn't the type to do things that would get her in trouble or jeopardize her father's position in their church as being the Pastor. Harley has been in love with Trent, who is the handsome guy in high school that every girl wants. She's so obsessed with trying to get with Trent until some things come up that will change her feelings. I love Harley's character because it shows that anyone can be as vulnerable and will come up with crazy ideas to try to get what she wants. Harley is the girl who is not assertive, throughout this book she becomes a much stronger person overall.

Jason, I love Jason! Jason is the new guy that comes into town and enrolls in Harley's High School. I admire how Jason is sweet and kind to Harley. I almost kind of felt bad for Jason because he was almost like the third wheel when he agrees to pretend date Harley so Harley can make Trent realize that he should be dating her. Jason sits on the side, watching the girl that's meant to be with him, but watches Harley gives most of her attention to Trent until some things happen.

Trent, is like the popular guy in school that all girls want. Trent is dating Stephanie, who is the head cheerleader. Trent is a polite guy and is sweet. He does not come off as the typical "jock". That is the one thing I really enjoyed about Trent. Trent's secret will come off as a huge shock and is worth reading the whole book to find out what it is!

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. However, in the beginning I did kind of find it hard to get into at first because it was a little too much high school love triangle drama, but it changes real quick and the book does start to get even better as Jason and Harley begin to spend more time around each other fake dating. Don't let it fool you at first because I promise it gets real better quick. A lot of things start to happen also after they begin to fake date that will leave you guessing what is going to happen with her family, especially with her mom and father. There are cliff hangers for sure! I will say there is two huge surprises that you will find out towards the middle/end of this book!

My favorite part of the book I would have to say is the way all three characters interact with each and how they all find out things about each other that no one else knows. Somehow, all three connect on all different levels, but will make each character realize something good within themselves. It opens up all of their eyes and to see outside of the box. I feel all three character came into each other's lives for a purpose and that would be a good purpose. I could relate to Harley's character in many ways.

I would recommend this book!

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