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The Highlander's Heart


It's finally Friday and on this Friday I have a guest reviewer.  My good friend Jenn will be my reviewer today.

Here's a little about Jenn from Jenn!

My name is Jenn and I'm a stay-home-mom of two children;  one's  in junior high and the other is in elementary school.

 You can usually find me with my eyes glued to my kindle... I rarely leave home with out it. Even though I love to read, I do balance my time between family, church, friends and reading. However, I have to admit, it can be a challenge for such an avid reader. ;)


4 Stars

The Highlander's Heart is set in late spring of 1355.  The story takes place between England and Scotland however, it primarily plays out in Scotland.

This story is laced with layers that make the story exciting with its twists and turns of:
Love, arranged marriages,  betrayals, lies & deceits, plots of kidnappings, murders, and over taking lands and castles. Loyalties, honor, doing what's right, changes of heart and what's right for the clan, will be called in to question.

Laird David Campbell, who is also a Knight, and Lady Isabelle Tynsdale are the main couple at the heart of the story. However, we are also treated to two other couples side-stories of love as well. Lady Cailtyn Campbell, David's sister, and her lady-in-waiting find love  in an unexpected plot with two brothers.

 Can the heart have what the heart wants? Can true love actually come to light for these couples?   Or will duty to clans,  one's greed and another's order to be hung  be a deciding factor of all of their fates?

I really enjoyed this story by Amanda Forester. She took us back in time on  a twists of a ride. At no point was I bored with the story and the turns it took. I appreciated the fact that author never dwelled or dragged out one plot for too long before turning around the bend to another plot in the story. This keeps the reader on their toes and excited to see what happens next.

I loved Campbell's brothers. They added humor to the story. They were loyal and protective to a fault as was David. Mess with their clan or family and you'll wish you hadn't as they will find you.

David really tried to be honorable, and do what was right when it came to Lady Isabelle and his sister,  Lady Cait. He loves them both fiercely and he tried to make the right decisions as he felt were the correct ways to go.

Some of my favorite parts were:
1. The Minstrel

2. The Campbell brothers
3. The last chapter
4. The epilogue
5. Jokes about pickles
6. Isabelle. She always found trouble even when she meant well. David ends up labeling her a trouble maker. His feelings about that at the end make me smile.
7. David Campbell. He's alpha. He's a bit broody. He's loyal to a fault. He will love, protect and claim what's his when he has the right to.
8. Cait & Andrew
9. Different plots & POVs

Side Note: Book two can be read as a stand-alone. In no way did I feel I had missed anything by not reading book one. Book one is about a man named McLaren and Chaumont. Though McLaren is the Hero of book one, and Chaumont is his friend. They do show up in book two in small roles. You do not need to read book one to really know much about them. Their roles are not big enough to feel like you missed anything.

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