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The Viper by Kele Moon

Guest review by Jenn!!

The Viper (Untamed Hearts, #1)

5 Star review

The Viper (Untamed Hearts) by: Kele Moon

Note: Before you read this book, make sure to read Marcos Rivera's Boricua Guide to Spanish and Street Slang, at the back of the book. You'll probably not have any issues guessing the street slang, however, if you lack in your Spanish skills, like me, you'll want to check this out FIRST.

On to my review...

I really loved this book. I'm not one to hand out 5 star reviews so easily, however, this book hit the perfect spot for me. I was happy and excited reading this story the entire time. It left a smile on my face the entire way. I loved it. There was just something different in the way it was written compared to the many stories I read each week. It was straight up with no games attached. It was a good book about second chances in life and love. The couple were mature adults and the decisions Marcos made were based off very good reasons. He didn't make them lightly.


Marcos Rivera. This guy is straight up a mans man. He's not a hearts and flower guy, but he will make you feel sexy all the same. There's no pretenses with this guy. He is who he is and what he is, and he makes no apologies for it. He will tell you himself, he's straight up a thug and dangerous. He takes life head on. But never, and I mean NEVER, mess with his family.

"You're not exactly a ten, Katie," Grayson laughed cruelly, reminding Katie why she left to begin with.
"I think she's a ten," a man called from behind them. (<---Marcos)

Marcos is an OG and would love to get out of the life he choose with the gang. Too bad he doesn't seem to have good luck and can't hold a steady job without the cops always breathing down his back. So, what's left? And why fight the inevitable? He knows he will either die in the life of the gang, or wind up back in jail. Why should the fates smile down on him and offer up anything else?

Katie Foster. A divorced school teacher living in a small town while dodging her ex-husband. The guys in her town aren't knocking down her door as she thinks she's not a complete knockout and maybe too curvy.  She's resigned to live out her days lonely.

Chuito pointed at her. "You're a high school teacher, for [Heavens] sake. You are one big rule."
"Don't call her big, " Marcos snapped at him. "Lush. Sexy." He liked the sound of that and amended his cousin's statement. "She's one sexy rule I wouldn't mind following."

Until a fateful night brings her world literally crashing into Marcos' life. Nothing will be the same again.

 "I can't stop thinking that maybe two  negatives might equal a positive. That together, even something as terrible as a car accident can be beautiful."

When Marcos and Katie meet, an instant connection forms between them.  She can't stop thinking about him.  Neither can Marcos get Katie out of his head. Too bad he feels he doesn't deserve someone good like Katie. And too bad he doesn't know how much he impacted Katie and how much she changes because of him.

Now Marcos will need to decide: go back to the life of the gang, or see if fate will give him a chance at better. Can Katie change Marcos' views of himself and what he deserves? Will Katie be strong enough if he walks out of her life a second time?

Marcos has life decisions to make. He knows he needs to protect his family at all costs, and Katie as well.

Will fate bring these two together for good? Or just toy with them in the long run?
"Fine," Marcos assured him. "I think they'll be fine. We'll all be fine."
"Three of the craziest people I know in one house. I'm very scared about that."
Chuito is right about that!

 What I LOVED:
1. Katie. She plays no games. She knows what she wants. She feels strong for what she wants and believes in. She takes chances head of.
2. Marcos. He's not a liar. He's not a cheater. He's loyal to a fault. He's not alpha, but he's not hearts and flowers either. He says it like it is, even if its crude, dirty or foul. You'll never have to guess what he's thinking. But he loves fiercely, he can be funny, he's a fighter, and he's protective. And dang if he doesn't make you feel wanted and sexy and can be sweet in his own way. Plus, I loved when he spoke Spanish here and there and always called everyone A-holes. Yeah, he's a bit "crazy".
3. Chuito. Best cousin ever. He would die for you.
4. Tia Sofia. This woman is crazy but funny and she means well.
5. Marcos and Chuito's loyal friends.
6. This story is told from the points of views of: Marcos, Katie and Chuito.
7. There's never a dull or boring moment. The story kept me intrigued the entire time.
8. I liked some of the gang scenes as we were able to get a little bit of the dangerous side of Marcos' life.
9. Marcos and Katie's first shower scene.
10. Small bits of humor
11. Seeing some characters from the Battered Hearts series. We meet Chuito in book 2 in that series as a secondary character.

What a great start to a new spin off series from Battered Hearts. I look forward to what comes next. I really hope Chuito gets his story soon.




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    1. You're welcome! My friend Jenn wrote the review and did a great job. Now is my turn to read the book. :)