Thursday, September 18, 2014

Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett



Uncivilized was melt your panties HOT!!!!  I’m talking need a fan nearby kind of hot.  I loved every minute of Uncivilized, I didn’t want to put it down or end.   I fell in love with the story, the writing and most important Zach. 

When Zach was a child he traveled with his missionary parents to the Amazon rainforest.  There they lived among an Indian tribe. When Zach’s parents die the tribe elder takes Zach in and raises him as his son.  Now a man, Zach loves his life in the Amazon, he loves his adopted father, there is no other place he’d rather be.  When anthropologist Dr. Moira Reed arrives in his village to bring Zach back to the States, he refuses. Zach’s adopted father insists that he goes with her and gives it a chance.  He wants Zach to have a chance to have a better life and a chance to get to know his godfather who has been looking for him for years. 

Moira was hired by Zach’s godfather to find Zach, bring him back to the States and help him adjust to the modern world.  Zach does nothing but fight Moira from the moment they leave his village. When Zach and Moira return to her home in Chicago, Zach is unwilling to conform to social normal such as wearing clothes around the house, using utensils to eat with. Even though Zach is really unhappy about being taken from his home, he is very curious and willing to learning about the modern world, especially about sex. Zach doesn’t like Moira but he is definitely attracted to her.  He wants nothing more than to have her submit to him.  Moira is also very attracted to him, but knows she can’t cross that professional line but Zach’s won’t give up until he gets what he wants.

Gosh, I loved Zach!!!  He was a total alpha male, bossy, demanding and the man has an insatiable appetite for sex. I would never be able to say no to him. In his tribe sex is not a big deal; it’s a way for the men to find a release.  Zach is used to women submitting to him, when Moira doesn’t submit, he accepts that as a challenge to get her too. Besides being an alpha male there were other sides to Zach that came out slowly as the book went along, a caring side and a vulnerable side.  Learning to care and be cared for opened Zach up to being more vulnerable, which was all new to him.  I swooned over this side of him. 

I’ve been a fan of Sawyer Bennett’s books since I read her Off series.  She does an amazing job of connecting the reader to the story, making you feel like you are part of it. Uncivilized was definitely different from her other books, a lot more intense but still so good.  For me to give a book 5 stars it needs to bring out a lot of different emotions in me and Uncivilized did that.    I laughed while Zach was learning the ways of the modern world, his curiosity about sex cracked me up. Besides there being a lot of great heat, the story also had a lot of heart and that is what made me fall in love with Uncivilized and Zach the most. J

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