Monday, September 8, 2014

Chasing Trouble by Joya Ryan

Chasing Trouble (a Chasing Love novel)

4 Stars 
Chasing Trouble was a sizzling friends to lover story. This is book one in a new series by Joya Ryan called Cashing Love.  I really liked Chasing Trouble, the story moved along faced, the characters were all likeable and the chemistry between the main characters Colt and Jenna was HOT!!!!

Jenna grew up in a small Kansas town called Diamond, where she has always tried to prove she is nothing like her mother, a mother who treated her badly and has a reputation for going from guy to guy.  Becoming a school teacher was one way Jenna could help the kids of Diamond but what she really wants is to run an after school program that will give kids a place to go when their home life becomes too much. Running this program is what Jenna wants more than anything, but to prove she is the person for the job she needs to stay away from any trouble or anyone that can cause her trouble.

Colt McCade or Rodeo Romeo as he’s known on the rodeo circuit because of his lady man ways. Colt has been going from city to city as a professional bull rider and making a big name for himself. Colt has never been one to settle down in one place or with one woman.  Colt and Diamond never got along great, if there was trouble Colt was involved in it. Since leaving Diamond Colt hasn’t spent much time in Diamond were his sister and friends still live.

Worrying over possibly not being able to run the after school program, Jenna decides to drown her worry in a dingy bar.  After having one too many and a stranger with some very happy hands, Jenna finds herself in a situation. Luckily for Jenna, Colt shows up to save the day. Lily, Jenna’s best friend and Colts sister sends Colt out to get her best friend. Jenna has had a crush on Colt since she was a teen and she finds herself still very attracted to him years later.  After picking Jenna up from the bar, Colt takes her back to his place for the night before she goes home in the morning. Things heat up between Colt and Jenna once they are under the same roof for the night.  They both agree that one night of heat and passion is all this can be.

When Colt gets injured by a bull, he comes back to Diamond to spend the summer at his sister’s place to recover. Jenna and Colt both can’t forget their night together. Colt can’t seem to stay away from Jenna and he’s not sure he wants to, Jenna needs to stay away from Colt but she can’t seem to.

Chasing Trouble was a hot summer read, one that is fast, fun and sexy. I’ll be looking forward to more books in this series about Colt and Jenna’s friends.

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