Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Damaged Goods by Nicole Williams

Guest Review by Jenn

Damaged Goods (The Outsider Chronicles, #2)

4 GoodWill Stars

This book honestly was NOT what I was expecting AT. ALL. I really enjoyed the twist that was the driving force of this story line and my heart went out to the cast of this book. They all had some hard knocks from the school of life they had to work through. Liv definitely had to take one for the team. She did what she had to, to survive, and that's what ended up surprising me the most. At times I did feel there was a bit too much in the inner dialogue department from Liv, but overall- I really did enjoy this story. These characters definitely had a lot to learn about themselves and how to strive to be better and achieve their goals to make that possible in the long run.

Will Goods, or as my mind kept thinking: GoodWill, was quite the man. He was good down to the core and didn't seem to have a deceiving bone in his body. He's an honest guy, a hero, a loving and devoted son, a great mechanic, a helpful neighbor and once you let him into your heart, a loving, caring and understanding man. He sees the world differently.

Liv Bennett is a whole other ball of wax. She has a jaded view of the world. She came from a "white trash" place, had a stigma placed on her in high school and she's very pessimistic. She has two sisters to help support, her own college career to get through and holds down a late night full-time job. Her mother did her no favors, her town did her no favors, and life surely wasn't being kind in the fate department until Will that is... but can she look past her own self to make this the best fate has handed her? She sees the world in a Negative Nancy way and she needs to be shown the light.

What I liked about this book:
1. Liv's sisters: Paige & Reese. They have vastly different views on life and I loved the dynamics of the three together.
2. Jake. This "interesting" character grew on me. I loved his banter with Liv and how he always told her she was a pain in his ass. He ended up having some great sound advice and it let me see him a tad differently.
of course! I loved this man.
4. The Twist. You could figure it out early...yet even though I did, it still had me wavering back-in-forth on if I was correct or not.
5. Some humor.
6. Liv & Will never cheat on each other.

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