Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Design by R.S. Grey ~ Review

The Design

The Design by R.S. Grey
My rating:

3.5 Stars

The Design is a witty new romance by R.S. Grey and part of A Heart Novel series. You can read The Design as a stand-alone (I did) but if you don’t want to know about the couple from the previous book The Duet, I would recommend ready that first because Brooklyn and Jason show up a lot.

Cameron Heart has just landed the job of her dreams at one of the top architecture firms in L.A. The only problem is that the company is owned by the man she has had a crush on for years, Grayson Cole. Cammie is all for getting Grayson to see her as a hot adult and Grayson does everything he can not to see Cammie. With these two working so closely together, it become hard to fight off the growing feelings for each other.

My only issue with The Design was that I never felt a connection to Cammie or Grayson or the connection between them. There didn’t seem to be any real chemistry between the two characters.
Grayson attraction to Cammie seemed to come out of left field; there was no hint that he might feel more for Cammie then friendship.

I haven’t read The Duet but for those who have will be happy to know that Brooklyn and Jason are back. I did really like Brooklyn; she was an feisty overprotective sister.

The Duet (A Heart Novel)

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