Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Worth the Risk by Claudia Connor ~ Review

5 Hurt, Pain and Love Stars

I first fell in love with The McKinney Brothers series with Worth the Fall, so I was really excited for another McKinney brother book.  So when I got my hands on Worth the Risk I had to read it right away. I’m so happy I did because I loved it!!!

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Worth the Risk is the story of younger McKinney brother, Stephen.  Stephen has returned to his family a different man than he was five years ago.  Five years ago, he lived through the most horrifying events of his life or has he.  Still haunted by those events, Stephen consumes himself with work and women just to get by.

Hannah Walker is doing what she loves, running her own Hippotherapy farm, spending her days taking care of her beloved horses, helping children heal and find hope after an injury or traumatic event. Hannah lives a simple life, living alone on the farm that was left to her and spending time with her 3 over protective brothers.  Hannah can relate to the children she helps, she too is still trying to heal from the horrific events of her past.

Stephen and Hannah’s paths cross randomly, but Stephen can tell that this is a girl he needs to see again.  Not taking no for an answer Stephen convinces Hannah to meet him for a drink.  Stepping out of the safe life Hannah has surrounded herself with she agrees. The start of their relationship is rocking, both not sure if they can or should get involved with the other.  Trusting another person isn’t easy for either of them. Together Stephen and Hannah help each other overcome their past and learn to live again, but unfortunately life just isn’t that easy.  Sometimes there is evil in people you never expected.

Once I started Worth the Risk I couldn’t put it down.  The story had a nice mix of romance, pain and mystery. I couldn’t stop reading till I knew the full story of everything that was going on. It did take me a little bit to warm up to Stephen, he seemed so cold and angry, but once he started opening up more and we learned more about his past, I couldn’t help but fall for him.  I loved Hannah from the beginning.  She was sweet, na├»ve and innocent but yet strong, open and loving.  As a reader, you couldn’t help but root for her. 

I can’t wait for the next book in the McKinney Brother series and if we are really lucky maybe a spin off series with the Walker brothers.

Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers, #1)


  1. Thank you so very much for this lovely review and the art work!! LOVED!! I hope you love JT as well!! :))



    1. I'm sure I will love JT too. I can't wait for his book!!