Monday, January 19, 2015

New Year in Manhattan by Louise Bay ~ Review

New Year in Manhattan (The Empire State Trilogy, #3)

New Year in Manhattan by Louise Bay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Perfect Ending Stars

**This review contains spoilers if you haven’t read The Empire State series.**

The Empire State Trilogy was a fun, HOT series and I’m kind of sad to see it over. New Year in Manhattan is the last book in the series and might have been my favorite out of the three.
New Year in Manhattan picks up where Autumn in London left off with Ethan headed back to New York and Anna still in London but both commented to each other. I just loved Ethan even more in this book; he was so sweet and caring towards Anna. For this being his first real relationship he was doing a wonderful job at it. There were a few moments where I think Anna was in her head too much and I wanted to smack some sense into her…. Hello! You have great guy!! But in the end, I was so happy how the series concluded. Louise Bay did a great job bringing these characters to life and making me fall in love with Mr. Ethan Scott. If you haven’t picked up The Empire State Trilogy yet, you must! The series is so good, hot and it’s a fast read, perfect for those winter nights.

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