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Maya and the Tough Guy by Carter Ashby ~ Review

Maya And The Tough Guy (Big Girl Panties #2)

Maya And The Tough Guy by Carter Ashby
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

I have mixed feelings about Maya and The Tough Guy by Carter Ashby. I liked the story and I loved the main guy Jayce but I had major issues with the Maya.

So Maya and The Tough Guy is the story of Maya Bradley and Jayce Gilmore. Growing up they both had a violent childhood. Unfortunately for Maya that violence continued into her marriage. Trying to start a new life Maya is divorcing her husband and has moved herself and two kids into her friends Zoey houses. To help support her new life, Maya takes a job at a local bar working for Jayce Gilmore.

Jayce has been in love with Maya since he was young. He would do whatever he could to help her which he does by giving her a job at his bar. Maya is scared and timid around most guys and especially Jayce. To Maya he looks like a violent man and that is something she wants nothing to do with anymore, but she slowly starts to realize that Jayce is none of the things she’s been scared of. He would do anything just to be able to be near her even if she doesn’t love him in return.

What I did love about this book was Jayce. The man would walk through fire to protect Maya and her kids and he showed it every chance he got. I also loved seeing Maya growing a backbone and start standing up for herself. It made me want to yell “you go girl”. Lol But even thought I loved Maya’s growth buy she also annoyed me. I understand that she is just coming out of a very bad situation and the last thing she needs is to start is a relationship, but I felt that she led Jayce on by entering into a sexual relationship with him.  Then for her to just realize all of a sudden that she was in love with right at the end just didn’t seem believable to me.  There was nothing stated as to what made her decide she was in love with him now after the countless times he showed her that he loved her and would take care of her.

Overall Maya and the Tough Guy was a good story and I’m sure a lot more people will enjoy this story more than I did and will be able to overlook the problems I couldn’t.

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