Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Second Position by Melody Grace

Second Position (Dirty Dancing #2)
4 Stars
This may contain spoilers if you haven’t read First Position.

Well, that was pretty damn HOT!!!  Melody Grace defiantly amped up the heat in the second book in the Dirty Dancing series Second Position. 

Second Position picks up right where First Position leaves off.  Annalise is unsure if she will be able to dance for one of the coveted solo spots with her ankle severely sprained.  Lucky events give her time to rest and heal her ankle before the big try outs. Dancing for her future, Annalise nails her audition and wins the lead in Swan Lake.  The only person she wants to celebrate her victory with is Raphael.

Raphael and Annalise relationship grows and changes in Second Position as they begin to open up more, sharing their wants and desires and not just for dance but with each other. Annalise agrees to help Raphael by dancing with him for his audition to join a dance company.  The heat and passion between them becomes almost too much for either of them to hold back on now that they are dancing together.  Let me tell you, these two have some steam!!  They both can’t seem to get enough of each other.  Now the question will be can Annalise be able to balance the lead in Swan Lake and dancing with Raphael.  Can she have her cake and eat it too?  I guess we will find out in Third Position.  I can wait!!!!


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First Position  (Dirty Dancing, #1)

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