Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dirty Little Tricks by Clare James

Dirty Little Tricks (Quick and Dirty, #2)
4 Stars

I was so excited when I got a chance to read Dirty Little Tricks early. I’ve loved Stevie and Gabe since I first met them in Dirty Little Lies, I so was happy their story was continuing.

Dirty Little Tricks picks up with Stevie and Gabe more settled in their relationship. Both have been extremely busy with work that they haven’t had much time for each other. Stevie decides it's time to spice up their love life and in normal Stevie fashion things don’t work out exactly like she plans, which causes some really funny scenes. As a last resort Stevie plans for her and Gabe to return to Club Venus where everything started for them. Gabe tries to talk Stevie out of this idea because the night she wants to go is on Halloween night, which is when the club is its busiest and kinkiest. As I said before, things don’t work out as Stevie had planned, even at Club Venus.

I was a little nervous going into Dirty Little Tricks because I was worried it was just going to be full of unnecessary drama but it wasn’t. Like a lot of couples, life sometimes gets in the way of time for each other, but instead of fighting about it Stevie and Gabe find a way back to each other.

Dirty Little Lies (Quick and Dirty, #1)

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