Friday, October 24, 2014

A week in New York by Louise Bay

A Week in New York (The Empire State Trilogy, #1)

4 Stars

A Week in New York is part one in a new trilogy by Louise Bay.  This was a fast, fun, steamy read and I really enjoyed it. And did I say it was steamy because it was!

The story centers around Anna Kirby and Ethan Scott. Anna is on vacation with her best friend Leah in New York City.  This is her chance to get away from her latest heartbreak and just enjoy some time with her friend.  During a girls night out Anna meets super sexy stranger, Ethan.  Maybe a vacation fling is just what she needs to get over her broken heart but she has rules.  Rules she needs to keep in place so no one including herself gets attached or hurt.  That’s fine with Ethan, he has rules of his own.  He doesn’t date, no sleep overs and he doesn’t make promises of more to any of the girls he sleeps with.   Anna and Ethan agree to a week of fun, just “enjoying each other’s company” if you know what I mean. ;) Feelings or attachment shouldn’t be a problem when they only have a week to spend with each other right, wrong!

I really liked the chemistry and the easy way Anna and Ethan had with each other.  Louise did a great job of bringing humor into the book without making it feel juvenile.  She really made the characters feel real. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book.  I need to know where Anna and Ethan go after their week together.

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