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Review~ Unforgettable by Melody Grace

Unforgettable (Beachwood Bay, #8)

Unforgettable by Melody Grace
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I feel like this is the year of series ending. Multiple favorite series, including the Beachwood Bay series are coming to an end this year, sadly. :( But at least these series and the Beachwood Bay are going out in style!

The last book in the Beachwood Bay series Unforgettable is about Ash Callahan eldest brother to the Callahan clan and Noelle Olsen soon to be a corporate lawyer. After a chance meeting and a night shared with passion and no rules, Ash and Noelle never thought they would see each other again. That was until they bump into each other in Beachwood Bay.

Noelle has given up her corporate law to take over her grandmother’s bed and breakfast. With her family thinking she is crazy, Noelle is determined to bring life back to the old B&B.

Ash has always been cold and standoffish when it comes to women, keeping his focus on his job and family, but after the night he let his walls down with Noelle he can’t seem to get her off his mind. Fighting his feelings for her is getting harder as she is now in the same small beach town as him, hanging with his family, and their businesses are mixing together.

I really liked Noelle, she was strong, independent and nice, plus the girl was always baking so I was pretty much hungry for pastry’s throughout the book. When push came to shove, she stood up for herself and for what she thought was right, even if that meant getting her heart broken. Ash is a different story, he made me mad most of the book. He couldn’t see past his own fears and insecurities to see a good thing even if it was right in front of him.

With Unforgettable being that last book in the series all the characters from the previous books are back and it's great to see how their lives have changed and grown. The epilogue was perfect, I’m so glad Melody gave that to us, the fans of Beachwood Bay.

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